In an eight day trial, obtained a $10.8 million verdict in a shareholder derivative suit against three controlling shareholders for payment of excessive executive compensation to themselves and for a constructive dividend attributable to the company’s payment of $1 Million of their legal fees.

Managed hostile takeover of corporation and secured a judgment against its former controlling stockholder for waste and breach of contract.

When a number of arbitration proceedings were instituted against our client by claimants represented by a non-lawyer, obtained a judgment permanently enjoining the non-lawyer from the unauthorized practice of law.
While our client owner of an urban multi-unit apartment building had no easement or right of access across a neighboring property, secured injunction on public policy grounds requiring neighboring apartment building owner to take down a newly erected fence and to allow use of her land for emergency egress to a side street.

In a case of first impression regarding Native American tribal sovereignty, the United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals held that a Native American federally recognized sovereign tribe could be enjoined from copyright infringement; resulting in a settlement for our California movie producer client.

In securities arbitration hearings held over several weeks, successfully defended an investment advisor whose clients had claimed $40 million of losses from a failed real estate investment.

Secured a $1 million libel judgment on behalf of a client wrongly accused of fraud.

After defeating a motion for summary judgment, obtained a settlement from a company in which it paid both the judgment debt of an insolvent, affiliated management company and all of our health care consulting firm client’s legal fees.

In a five day trial, secured a defense verdict for a real estate developer in a million dollar lawsuit alleging misrepresentation, breach of contract and unfair and deceptive acts in a real estate transaction.

Secured a summary judgment against a public company in a fraudulent conveyance case brought by our bankruptcy trustee client.

In a two week trial, successfully defended a lawsuit, Fleet National Bank v. Pirolli, in which the then largest bank in Boston sought to enforce an unconditional commercial guaranty and obtained a verdict on our client’s counterclaim for unfair and deceptive business practices in a foreclosure sale of an industrial property; resulting in a $1 million settlement for our client.

Secured a treble damages judgment plus an award of attorney’s fee in a case alleging fraud by an investment advisor.

On the first day of trial, secured a dismissal of a malicious prosecution lawsuit.

In a four day trial, secured a judgment for trespass in favor of our client against a neighbor despite the client having given limited consent to the neighbor to use the client’s several hundred acre property.

Secured a settlement of a claim of unfair and deceptive acts by an investment advisor; resulting in the return to our client of $960,000.

In three separate cases representing elderly women allegedly sold unsuitable long term care insurance policies, secured favorable settlements; resulting in the long term care insurance company paying previously rejected claims for home health care expenses and in one of the cases also paying $40,000 for attorney’s fees as well as the federal income taxes incurred by the elderly widow client as a result of the allegedly unfair and deceptive sales practices.
In several individual disputes representing our medical software company client, successfully enforced the client’s contractual limitations on liability.

Successfully secured a settlement of a fraud case against a bankrupt art gallery whereby our client recovered his original, 19th century artwork.

Secured a settlement of a claim alleging the sale of an unsuitable variable annuity requiring the insurance company issuer to rescind the sale to our client.

Obtained a summary judgment requiring a spouse to pay to our client the debt of her bankrupt husband; resulting in a material recovery for our client.

After preparing draft complaint, secured a buyout of our entrepreneur client’s stake in his company enabling him to compete with the company he had founded.

When our client was experiencing cash flow issues, contested the enforceability of a lease after a senior mortgage was foreclosed; resulting in the deferral for two years of the payment of rent.

When our client who had sold his business was sued by the buyer for fraud, secured a dismissal of the claims before trial.

When the internal partnership financial records of our international money manager client were subpoenaed in the divorce proceeding of one of the junior partners, secured a protective order preventing disclosure of the profitability of the partnership.

When our client, a registered representative of a national securities firm, was forced to pay damages to a purchaser of a variable annuity which the client had sold in accordance with the standard and accepted practices of his branch office, reported the practices to the state securities division, and  secured a whistleblower settlement whereby the securities firm reimbursed the client for the damages he had paid, paid all his legal fees and amended the client’s U-4 to state the firm had reimbursed the client for the settlement he had funded.

When our clients, two siblings, alleged their elderly parent was being abused and exploited by another sibling, successfully obtained a preliminary injunction enabling the removal of the parent from the defendant’s home and an independent medical and psychiatric evaluation.